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Prostitution is said to be the world’s oldest profession, but understanding the size and scope of this economy, and the methods and actors involved in this trade, is still a murky endeavor.Outside the sex sold legally in Nevada, prostitution in the United States transpires in the shadows of an underground economy.Only 15 percent of pimps admitted to using violence against their employees at some point, but that number is likely low. And the first order of business is typically to collect all the money. I smoked weed so I didn’t have a problem with them smoking weed. I wouldn’t even take those girls—ask straight up, you have any habits?For their part, nearly one-third of the pimps said they entered the underground commercial sex economy because they grew up around it. When they have a habit, I’d put some money in their bra, take a little to get high with [and then send them away].” “These girls, they don’t get no cut or anything, but they do get anything they want or need,” one pimp said.Atlanta had the largest underground commercial sex economy in 2007 at 0 million, and Denver had the smallest at .9 million.To put these numbers in perspective, Atlanta’s underground commercial sex economy in 2007 was nearly 2.5 times bigger than the 2013 payroll of the Atlanta Falcons.On the other hand, Denver’s 2007 black market sex economy was less than one-third of the 2013 Denver Broncos’ payroll. It is also critical for judges, police, and policymakers to ask, what are the forces that compel someone to engage in the underground commercial sex economy; what are the business models, practices, and objectives; how does rapidly changing technology influence the industry; and what are the risks borne by those working in the shadows?Runaway and homeless youth are a vulnerable population often targeted by pimps.

Black dudes might try to fight them or might be pimps.In other cases, women who are already involved in sex work, or are looking to get involved, ask men to protect and care for them in exchange for money, respondents said.Pimping depends entirely on having employees perform sexual acts with customers, also known colloquially as “johns.” In other words, recruitment is the most important component of any pimp’s business model.If it ain’t snowing, I ain’t going.’” Another pimp explained: “Some dudes exclusively chase white girls. Go to the suburbs, malls, that kind of thing.” Those interviewed said they prefer to employ white women because they believe they’re who clients typically want, they’re easier to manage, and they’re better able to blend into and work in a variety of environments.

Nevertheless, pimps also said they employ women from all ethnic backgrounds.

But a groundbreaking study released by the Urban Institute sheds new light on how much money is generated by the underground commercial sex economy in American cities.

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