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The new medical form procedures include an assessment of symptoms of adverse neurological effect that replaces the x-ray examination requirement.If an athlete was x-rayed at the time of registration and was found to have an AAI condition, he or she may follow the new rule and be examined for symptoms of adverse neurological effects as part of a “renewal” medical examination.Athletes must play to the best of their abilities, to provide for fair and equitable competition, and must adhere to sportsmanlike conduct. Eligibility is limited to people who have closely related developmental disabilities such as those who have functional limitations, both in general learning and in adaptive skills such as recreation, work, independent living, self-direction or self-care.When the term “intellectual disabilities” or other similar descriptor is not used to identify the person in a local area, eligibility should be determined by whether or not the person has functional limitations in both general learning and adaptive skills.Intellectual disability can occur with or without any other physical or mental disorders.Although reduced level of intellectual functioning is the characteristic feature of this disorder, the diagnosis is made only if it is associated with a diminished ability to adapt to the daily demands of the normal social environment.Some flexibility is left to accredited programs and subprograms for determining, in exceptional circumstances, the individual eligibility of a participant because of the variety of situations, needs and definitions that exist in the many localities where Special Olympics has been and will be instituted.

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If the athlete does have symptoms, then he or she may only participate if the athlete receives a thorough neurological evaluation from a physician qualified to state that the cause of those symptoms will not result in additional risk of neurological injury due to sports participation and certifies that the athlete may participate.

Adaptive skill limitations refers to ongoing performance deficits in skill areas considered essential to successful life functioning.

These adaptive skill areas include: communication, self-care, home-living, social skills, community use, self-direction, health and safety, functional academics, recreation/leisure and work.

(SOI), in writing and with appropriate evidence, of these potential exceptions, and the program’s determination of eligibility is subject to SOI’s approval.

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Coaches should contact the Vice President of Field Services at the chapter office for more information.

Athletes may not substitute their area’s competition for another.

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