Methods of accommodating diversity in aged care ad24 7dating com

08-Apr-2018 22:06

Accommodating workforce diversity demonstrates that the money invested in training does work – when employees put to practical use knowledge gained through diversity training, it’s obvious that at least a portion of the money was worth the investment.

While most of these differences present themselves without difficulty, occasionally, workplace rules or managerial perceptions can restrict the ability of certain employees to perform job tasks.Increasing diversity within an organization helps it to mirror the society in which it operates.A robust, diverse workforce provides employers with a resource to engage with the public in a real and practical fashion.For example, in British Columbia Maritime Employers Assn. International Longshore and Warehouse Union, Local 500 (Dhillon Grievance), the arbitrator found that the employer was not required to allow employees to work in positions without a hard hat where one was required by policy.

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In this case, the employer’s process for accommodating such employees by providing them access to other jobs (even if those jobs were preferred positions) satisfied its duty to accommodate.For example, in disability cases, an employer must obtain information about the employee’s medical limitations, the prognosis for recovery and the ability of the employee to perform other tasks.

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