Rich girl dating

12-Jul-2017 06:19

If you think bankers have got it tough on Wall Street as the economy crashes around them then spare a thought for their poor little rich girl WAGs.

Supporting their greedy husbands in boom time came easy with a platinum credit card and a house in the Hamptons but the privileged princesses have found the pressures of tightening the purse strings, and the strains it puts on their relationship, so hard they've set up Dating a Banker Anonymous.

If she was really shallow and all about the money, she probably would not be dating you right now at all, so that's something to keep in mind. i never dated a rich girl before and i dont know, im nervous.

im working my way through college, paying it all off as i go, also paying for an apartment, no help from parents or the government, so im known to be pretty cheap and careful with money. If she can't handle the real you, cheapness and all, then it's not the right girl for you.

Wall Street WAGs console themselves at the Dating a Banker Anonymous meetings and accompanying website (posed by model) The blog invites women to join 'if your monthly Bergdorf’s allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life'.I hold down a good job but am not rich by any means. You sound like a man in love who may be headed toward unrequited love?Your girlfriend’s attitude makes me think of how women, especially, are socialized to want to marry a successful, wealthy man.she thinks my cheapness is funny, but do you think shell eventually get annoyed with it? You wouldn't want to get married to this girl and go through the rest of your life trying to be someone your'e not, would you?

and also, she invited me to her summer mansion in florida, how should i act when i get there to make it seem like im there for her and not only a sweet free vacation? Very proud of you for mmaking a way for oyur own life at such a young age.i never dated a rich girl before and i dont know, im nervous.

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